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  • Why cheertainers?
    This is our new product with new version design. The bag is made of multilayer plastic. The outer layer (polyamide + polyethylene) protects from oxygen and moisture; its density and composition may vary depending on the needs of the client or the product. The inner layer (polyethylene) is elastic...
  • Packaging bags for hypochlorous acid disinfectant
    Influenced by COVID-19, there is an increasing demand for antibacterial products such as disinfectant and alcohol. From the beginning of year 2020, our machines are working 24 hours every day for market of hypochlorous acid disinfectant and alcohol. We are sending more than 100000 pcs bags with t...
  • Cheertainer UN TEST
    Why does the United Nations have regulations on packaging? ​The United Nations has established standards for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods, including road, railway and marine dangerous goods. These standards are carefully calibrated to include the standa...
  • Eco-friendly vertical bag in box
    Today we would like to discuss a new eco-friendly bag-in-box (cheertainer-perfect replacement of cubitainer). We are accustomed to call it a vertical bag-in-box, because compared to the traditional pillow-type bag-in-box, it can maintain a three-dimensional square inside...
  • Outdoor travel folding water storage bag how to choose?
    Outdoor travel using folding water storage bags convenient and environmentally friendly, but how do we pick the right folding water storage bags? 1. Capacity. Generally speaking, when hiking, even if there is no water supply midway, water bags filled with 2-3L water is enough for a day hiking. Ho...
  • How much do you know about cheertainer?
    As liquid packaging bag, cheertainer bag in box is not new, as early as one or two thousand years ago humans know how to use goat leather, herbivore offal (stomach) to make water bags for water, but such equipment has been replaced in recent times by more convenient hard...
  • What is bag in box packaging?
    A bag-in-box is a form of packaging that integrates a box, a bag and a tube mouthpiece, facilitating the transport and distribution of liquid products with both effective efficiency and avoidance of non-contamination.Pouch: The pouch consists of multiple layers of film ...
  • Bag in box packaging market is popular, safe and convenient advantages
    People's food is the day, food to safety first. In the packaging industry continues to develop at the moment, people are increasingly concerned about the safety and convenience of packaging. So what factors will affect the safety of food packaging? Packaging material is ...
  • BIB is the most perfect form of packaging for drinking water
    Bag-in-box packaging, referred to as BIB box packaging, is the most successful form of packaging in recent years in the global innovation packaging, due to its safety, hygiene, convenience, environmental characteristics, the rapid development of the European and American...
  • The wide range of applications and production process of liquid packaging bags
    The specifications of our liquid packaging bags range from 1L-20L and can be customized according to customer requirements to meet various requirements.1. Juice, jam packagingLiquid packaging bags can be widely used in tomato paste, orange juice, grape juice. Various f...
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