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BIB is the most perfect form of packaging for drinking water

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Bag-in-box packaging, referred to as BIB box packaging, is the most successful form of packaging in recent years in the global innovation packaging, due to its safety, hygiene, convenience, environmental characteristics, the rapid development of the European and American markets as the most willing to choose the consumer beverage packaging.
Advantages of Bag-in-Box:
1. Bag in box uses less packaging material is only 1/5 of the rigid container.
2. Used bag-in-box packaging is very easy to separate recovery, fully recyclable.
3. Bag-in-box can be completely folded and stored before and after use, which greatly reduces packaging storage and transportation costs and reduces energy consumption.
4. Most of the bag-in-box is single-use, avoiding the impact and damage to the environment from chemical disinfection and cleaning.
5. Up to 1400 liters of packaging, meaning less packaging costs per unit volume of product.

6. Longer product shelf life also reduces waste caused by product spoilage.
7. Reduced energy consumption and raw material use.
8. Lighter weight and space saving bag-in-box packaging, which can improve transportation efficiency by more than 20% and reduce fuel and energy consumption.
9. Single transport (no recycling compared to reuse of rigid drums) saves transportation costs.
10. Saving up to 80% of raw material consumption compared to traditional packaging forms.
11. Flexible and efficient filling machine can reduce energy costs and increase productivity.
Bag-in-box products are applicable to a wide range of channels, with a huge market potential. In addition to the home, office, but also very suitable for such as health clubs, entertainment clubs, restaurants, gyms, hotels, airports and other channels that require high quality of drinks.
Changzhou Kaiguan Packaging & Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the world's advanced technology, adopts the environmental protection packaging, and innovates the production process of new products, choosing us is your reliable choice.

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