Why cheertainers?

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This is our new product with new version design. The bag is made of multilayer plastic. The outer layer (polyamide + polyethylene) protects from oxygen and moisture; its density and composition may vary depending on the needs of the client or the product. The inner layer (polyethylene) is elastic and resistant to tearing.

If you have other request, we can improve the material to be high barrier or light barrier. The standard specifications are 5 L, 10 L, 18 L and 20 L. We are willing to provide customers with free samples. 

We also have the filling machine for cheertainer bag in box. If you are interested in it, we will send you more information. 

We combine environmental benefits of traditional bag-in-box packaging and many of
the performance benefits of a rigid container.

  • The container is extremely lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The product is protected from the light and air, which allows it to conserve all its properties until it has been used up completely.
  • Its seamless design allows 99% of the liquid to be emptied.
  • The output flow is regular and constant, with no air bubbles or splashing.
  • The bag remains completely immobile inside the box, thereby preventing the cap from moving during transport.
  • Reduction in the packaging volume, both when empty and when full.
  • Considerable savings in space and logistic and environmental costs.
  • Large surface area for graphic communication. The box is custom designed. As it is made of cardboard, all the sides can be printed, which gives a large communication surface area.
  • Technical support and customised design.
  • It has large variety of stoppers, closures and valves.

Cheertainers are helping customer to reduce cost.

l 60% reduction in warehousing costs

l 20% Reduction in energy costs

l 50% Reduction in transport costs

l 90% Reduction in recycling costs 

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