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Outdoor travel folding water storage bag how to choose?

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Outdoor travel using folding water storage bags convenient and environmentally friendly, but how do we pick the right folding water storage bags?
1. Capacity.
Generally speaking, when hiking, even if there is no water supply midway, water bags filled with 2-3L water is enough for a day hiking.
However, in the sweltering heat, sweating, water loss is extremely fast in extreme cases we also once drank all the 6L water a day still feel inadequate, coupled with the camping to be used to make water for cooking, boiling soup and tea needs, in camping some distance from the water source, in order to avoid round-trip water consumption of physical energy, waste of time or one person to play water to increase the insecurity factor, our consideration is to buy 5L capacity water bag.
After all, the water bag is larger, in not needing too much water does not consume when you can fill less water to reduce the load, and in need of time and can fill as much water as possible. And 2-3L capacity water bag obviously can not meet the needs of a variety of complex environments or a variety of buffalo (drinking water such as cattle drink), or the need to increase the number of times to play water and consume more physical energy.
2. Price.
There is no doubt that the same capacity of the water bag, of course, the cheaper the better. But this is not absolute. After all, the most important thing outdoor equipment is the need for reliable performance, if too cheap or not cheap but bought an unreliable equipment, water bags in the hiking bag rupture seepage, so that sleeping bags, clothing are blistered, it is a great cup.
3. Weight.
Of course, the lighter the better. But still must consider the weight and solidity of the trade-off, if it is heavy and reliable and light and easy to break the contrast, then we would rather choose heavy and reliable. Otherwise, no water to drink sometimes really will die.
4. Convenience.
Fill water to be convenient, open and close to be convenient, carry water to be convenient, pour water to be convenient, hanging to be convenient, put around to be convenient.
And Changzhou Kaiguan Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and research of water storage containers, which are environmentally safe and easy to carry.

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