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Bag in box packaging market is popular, safe and convenient advantages

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People's food is the day, food to safety first. In the packaging industry continues to develop at the moment, people are increasingly concerned about the safety and convenience of packaging. So what factors will affect the safety of food packaging? Packaging material is naturally a very important reason, followed by the packaging method problem. So in today's rising health consciousness, safe and effective health way is quite concerned, which directly promotes the development of the bag-in-box packaging method.
Bag-in-box, as the name implies, is composed of a soft bag of different materials with a liquid dispensing device as well as the outside is a corrugated cardboard box. The inner bag in the box is made of composite film, using different materials to meet the needs of different liquid packaging, can provide 2-10 liters of aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, single or continuous rolls of standard products, with a standard can mouth, can be sprayed code logo, can also be customized.
Compared with traditional packaging forms, bag-in-box packaging has very obvious competitive advantages, such as longer shelf life, better light and oxygen barrier properties, using very little material and recyclable, can handle a variety of product sizes on the same filling equipment, can be suitable for aseptic, non-sterile, cold, hot filling, multi-processing, from semi-automatic to fully automatic filling equipment for flexible selection. Improved storage and transportation efficiency, reduced storage and transportation costs, significantly lower packaging costs, etc. At present, the bag-in-box packaging form is widely used in juice, mineral water, wine, juice drinks, edible oil, food additives, etc.

According to market research shows that the bag-in-box has obvious environmental benefits. As a more low-carbon and environmentally friendly form of packaging, the bag-in-box greatly reduces the use of packaging materials and energy consumption, reducing the adverse impact of packaging on the environment. Bag-in-box uses less packaging materials, just one fifth of the rigid container, used bag-in-box packaging is very easy to separate and recycle, completely recyclable. Bag-in-box can be completely folded and stored before and after use, greatly reducing the cost of packaging storage and transportation, reducing energy consumption. Most of the bag-in-box is single-use, avoiding the impact of chemical disinfection and cleaning on the environment and damage, up to 1400 liters of packaging, which means less packaging costs per unit volume of product, longer product shelf life also reduces waste caused by product spoilage.
In general, the beverage industry uses the bag-in-box are based on its hygienic, long shelf life, no harm to the environment. And people are increasingly discovering the benefits of using bag-in-box: long shelf life, convenience, environmental friendliness, suitability for aseptic and high temperature, clean filling technology, etc.
Bag-in-box packaging has been widely used in various areas of food, beverage and industry, becoming one of the fastest growing forms of packaging in the market.
Bag-in-box packaging is more convenient to store and handle products, the inside and outside materials are made of environmentally friendly materials, using less material to reduce the consumption of petroleum products. Compared with traditional rigid packaging, it saves about 35% of transportation and storage costs, produces 85% less waste than bottles, and produces 55% less carbon dioxide emissions during transportation than bottles due to its light weight. The cost of packaging materials is lower than other forms of packaging (e.g. PET bottles, glass bottles, plastic drums, etc.).

In the soft drink market consisting of juice, drinking water, coffee, ready-to-drink tea and functional beverages, the bag-in-box packaging is easy to keep fresh, more convenient and hygienic, as well as relatively low packaging costs, the bag-in-box packaging is increasingly used in the food and beverage channel and the end retail market. Manufacturers with differentiated products, competitive prices in many brands stand out from the competition.
PET bottles are increasingly obvious pressure on the environment, and the traditional water fountains inevitably bring secondary pollution problems also seriously affect the health of consumers, although there are many water fountains on the market to replace the product - bagged water, but they are also There are a variety of problems such as puncture leakage, repeated boiling, secondary pollution, inconvenience and so on. The use of bag-in-box packaging to a large extent to avoid the emergence of these problems, and thus by the attention of people who value the health of drinking water.
For most of China's packaging enterprises, especially the flexible packaging industry, is already a micro-profit stage, I believe that the bag-in-box packaging will become a new star product in the packaging industry, creating profits for enterprises and creating value for customers.

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