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Cheertainer UN TEST

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Why does the United Nations have regulations on packaging? ​

The United Nations has established standards for the classification, packaging, marking and labelling of dangerous goods, including road, railway and marine dangerous goods. These standards are carefully calibrated to include the standards of major countries and international organizations, such as the United States and the European Union. All packaging used for dangerous goods—whether domestic or international—must be tested by these standards and pass certification procedures managed by a third party.
Most foods are not considered hazardous substances, but there are exceptions. For example, bulk powdered products may have a risk of explosion, especially when the material has high electrical resistance (allowing static electricity to accumulate). Certain types of edible oil will catch fire if exposed to high temperatures. Even if there are no hazards, compliance with UN regulations can help ensure the strength and integrity of the packaging of bulk products, such as food manufacturers, for end users. This standard ensures that dangerous goods are safely loaded under normal transportation conditions.

In order to maintain consistency, predictability, safety and safety standards, materials shipped domestically and internationally must meet the same standards. UN-certified packaging meets all transportation regulations for packaging and transportation of dangerous goods-although UN-certified packaging can be used for all materials, whether dangerous or not. This is correct regardless of whether the content is food and beverage, cosmetics or chemical substances.
Changzhou Kaiguan package & technology Co., Ltd makeing cheertainers which meet the UN test standards. We pack cheertainer bag together with the carton and obtained the UN test certificate from the Chinese customs. We are committed to providing safe and reliable packaging solutions for customers. 


Post time: Jul-01-2021

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