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How much do you know about cheertainer?

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As liquid packaging bag, cheertainer bag in box is not new, as early as one or two thousand years ago humans know how to use goat leather, herbivore offal (stomach) to make water bags for water, but such equipment has been replaced in recent times by more convenient hard water bottles.

Compared with the kettle, the biggest advantage of the water bag is good storage, storage when not in use small size, does not take up space, light weight, large capacity, volume is often larger than the kettle, so you can load more water. Although the disadvantage is the risk of being punctured, but now the plastic production technology has made such a possibility reduced to very low. Coupled with the current promotion of sports medicine, so now there are many outdoor sports enthusiasts began to use water bags as a water-carrying tool.
More and more customers consider cheertainer bag in box as perfect replacement of cubitainer. Because cube-shape bag fits perfectly inside the box, which has the same function of cubitainer. Cheertainer (bag material: PA+PE) bag in box can use the same size box as cubitainer. It is popular in Japan, Korea and European countries because of lightweight, cost reduction and environmental material. We believe cheertainer (bag in box) could be the liquid packaging trend. When customers decide to change your packaging way from cubitainer to cheertainer, customers even do not need to re-make the box with the same volume and size.

Our factory have being manufactured cheertainer bag in box since year 2017. We have mature technology and satisfying service for customers. We sell cheertainers to customers domestic and overseas for filling chemicals, food, industrial liquid and medical use. If you are interested our products, please contact us by email marked in our website.

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