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Eco-friendly vertical bag in box

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Today we would like to discuss a new eco-friendly bag-in-box (cheertainer-perfect replacement of cubitainer). We are accustomed to call it a vertical bag-in-box, because compared to the traditional pillow-type bag-in-box, it can maintain a three-dimensional square inside the carton and perfectly fit the carton, thereby reducing damage caused by collision and friction during transportation. Greatly reduce the risk of various water leakage.

In fact, this kind of eco-friendly cheertainer (bag-in-box, perfect replacement of cubitainer) is very popular in Japan, South Korea and European and American countries, and is widely used in medical, chemical, industrial and food industries. Here, we want to remind in particular that since virus Covid-19, the global economy has been hit seriously, and at the same time, ocean and air freight rates have risen wildly, containers and shipping spaces are very difficult to book, so many buyers are thinking about how to reduce costs, save freight and Storage costs. In this case, our vertical bag-in-box (cheertainer-perfect replacement of cubitainer) is favored by more and more domestic and foreign customers. When customers choose our vertical bag-in-box (cheertainer-perfect replacement of cubitainer), they choose to save cost and environmental protection. Such a choice of killing two birds with one stone is really wise.

From 3L to 50L specification range, we support customer customization. At the same time, our three-dimensional bag-in-box can be printed. If you send your company's logo or publicity design drawing, we can print it on the product bag as required.
During this hard time time COVID-19, we received many orders for disinfection water. Customers choose our products, then trust our quality, and finally approve our services. Our efforts have been praised by customers, and we have received good feedback. This is our goal. I hope that we and all our customers will grow together for mutual benefit and win-win results.

Post time: Aug-19-2021

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