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Bag in box cheertainer

Regular Size:

5L,10L,18L,20L(Support for custom)


● Condiments And Beverages
● Medical
● Industrial Chemicals
● Home Care


Bag in box filling machine

Bag-in-box flexible packaging filling machine, commonly known as bag-in-box filling machine, bag-in-box packaging machine, bag filling machine, etc. It can provide complete filling solutions for most liquid products.
Based on the huge advantages of bag-in-box packaging, the bag-in-box liquid flexible packaging filling machine filler equipment has become a popular product in the liquid filling machine market.
The product with relatively mature technology in China is the flowmeter type bag-in-box filling machine (with its own power), which is suitable for quantitative filling of liquid flexible packaging bags. It has temperature tracking density compensation technology, which can automatically compensate the error caused by the density change caused by the temperature change of the liquid. The primary metering system uses a high-precision liquid flow transmitter, and the measurement control accuracy is higher. The two filling modes of mass and volume can be freely converted (the filling can be carried out according to the displayed kg or ml). Fast and slow double-speed filling, the liquid does not overflow. Vacuum suction, no dripping. Siemens PLC, stable and reliable operation. Siemens touch screen man-machine dialogue interface, easy to operate. Cap pulling, filling, capping and capping are completed automatically.
The infusion method is pumping, and there is no need for a high-level tank to provide pressure drop. The two filling heads are independent control systems, and the failure of one channel will not affect the normal operation of the other channel.
On-site real liquid verification can be performed, and users can check the filling accuracy by themselves. Errors can be adjusted in time by our filling machine.
Cheertainer filling equipment can be combined with automatic carton sealing machine, automatic film wrapping machine and heat shrinking machine to form an integrated production line of filling, carton sealing and wrapping film.
BIB filling machine working procedure is to put the bag → machine capping → filling → automatic capping → put the bag again for the next filling.

Box unpacking machine

Carton forming area → Adhesive tape area → The molding

Box folding and sealing machine

Start → Automatic folding lid → Automatic sealing

Cubitainer Replacement Bib Bag In Box Cheertainer Packaging Solutions

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