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The tap is a polyethylene plastic faucet and has a half-turn on/off handle for complete control and precision of the flow. It can be used to dispense most non-flammable liquids from our containers.

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1. Sealant ring cap:
Made by PE and silicone rubber, mainly suitable for food industry, with perfect sealant performance;

2. Inner cap:
Such cap was customized for a Japanese customer, there is a PE plug inside, which could seal the cap well;

3. Ventilation cap:
Such cap is mainly used for the liquids which generates gas during the transportation, the gas would be discharged from the ventilation hole, but the liquid won’t leak from there;

4. Dispensing tap:
It’s a regular accessory,mainly used for open and close the container spout to control the ON/OFF of the liquids inside;

5. Spout:
Mainly for ropy liquids, helps for the induction of flow;

6. Nozzle:
Mainly for the diversion of liquids,currently we have four sizes available: 20cm,25cm,38cm,50cm, which could be equipped on all series of our products;

7. Assembly handle:
It mainly equipped with container which doesn’t have handle itself especially 4L-10L,makes the carrying solution more economic;

8. Assembly Double handle:
It mainly equipped with container which doesn’t have handle itself especially 15L-18L,makes the carrying solution more economic;

9. Cardboard carton:
To meet the requirement of some customers, we’ve customized some cartons specialized for container with the volume of 5L,10L,18L,20L.

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