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Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can


General Information and Description 

10l 20l Semi-folding Jerry Can



Technical Specifications

Capacity: 10 l, 20l

Weight (10l): 210 g.

Weight (20l): 290 g.

Material: manufactured of food grade LDPE, not contain toxic elements. The jerry can stand by itself, even when filled with less than 1/4 of its maximum volume.

Operating temperature: can withstand temperatures from -20 degree to + 50 degree.

Average thickness: 0.6 mm and minimum corner thickness 0.5 mm.

Product Application

We are regular supplier for UNHCR, UNICEF and other NGO. It is widely used in wild environment for survive by military, and some are used for outdoor camping or household use. Nozzles or taps are optional in different applications.

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50 jerry cans 10l are packed in export quality cartons of 58x 38 x 45 cm.

50 jerry cans 20l are packed in export quality cartons of 67x 46 x 50 cm.

Different packing methods may be accepted in order to maximize loadability in pallets and containers.

Pieces per carton: 50.

Weight of packing unit (10l): 10 kg.

Weight of packing unit (20l): 12 kg.

Container Information

10 liter

20000 pcs per 20GP container

40000 pcs per 40HQ container

20 liter

6000 pieces per 20’ DC container (without pallets).

12000 pieces per 40’ DC container (without pallets).

14800 pieces per 40’ HC container (without pallets).

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Drop Test

Product Performance and Quality Control

Impact Resistance / Drop Test:

The Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can be impact resistant on a hard surface when filled with maximum volume of water (10 liters, 20 liter) at 20°C.

Complete drop test consists of 10 consecutive drops from 2.5 m high. the jerry can must be elevated, so that the lowest point is at 2.5m from the ground. The jerry can resist to minimum 3 drops.

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