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Plastic Packaging 1l 3l 5l Bib Bag In Box For Beverage Wine Juice


Bag-in-Box packaging includes a cardboard box with a vacuum plastic bag inside of it. The plastic bag can be filled with many kinds of liquids or semi liquid products. Ecological, space saving, hygienic and affordable are features that makes Bag-in-Box a fast growing packaging solution for liquid products. Besides many other benefits Bag-in-Box packaging solutions are 100% recyclable.
Bag-in-box packs are better alternatives than traditional methods buckets and canisters to pack liquid. Bag-in-Box packaging solution reduce costs in material, logistics and storage, you are able to save money, time and storage space. Your customers will get an effective and easy-to-use packaging which is totally recyclable and turns in to a small space.



We provide overall packaging solution with filling machine filler equipment and carton box packaging line!


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Including ethyl alcohol, our bag in box is also used for other liquid and viscous liquids.


And can be used for food and beverage items, such as purees, sauces, vinegar, Japanese sake, dairy, juice, wine, beer, etc.

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It can house fertilizer liquid, including adhesives, agricultural, fertilizer liquids, inks, lubricants, paints, coatings, petroleum, fertilizer liquid, diluent, sanitizer, alcohol, hypochlorous acid disinfectant, diluent, ultrasound gel, hematology reagent etc.

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Cosmetics and personal care items, such as cleansers, shampoo, liquid soap, conditioner, lotions work very well in cheertainer form-fit bags.pillow bag in box 05

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  • Lightweight and easy to handle, best choice for filling sake.

  • The product is protected from the light and air, which allows it to conserve all its properties until it has been used up completely.

  • The output flow is regular and constant, with no air bubbles or splashing.

  • Its seamless design allows 99% of the liquid to be emptied.

  • The bag remains completely immobile inside the box, thereby preventing the cap from moving during transport.

  • Considerable reduction in the consumption of plastic in comparison to rigid containers.

  • Reduction in the packaging volume, both when empty and when full.

  • Considerable savings in space and logistic and environmental costs.

  • Technical support and customized design.

  • Carton box allows large surface area for graphic communication.

pillow bag in box 09

It has large variety of stoppers, closures and valves. Most customers usually choose faucet for vinegar and soy sauce.

Our box is custom designed. As it is made of cardboard, all the sides can be printed, which gives a large communication and advertising surface area.

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