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Bag in box is a new type of packaging. The bag is made of aluminized PET, LDPE, and nylon composite material, sterile disinfection, the bag and faucet, carton with the use.

The bag in the box belongs to the environmental protection products, because it has the environmental protection function that plastic products do not have, and its natural degradation time is far less than that of plastic bags.

Box bag packaging has very obvious competitive advantages, such as longer shelf life, better avoid light and oxygen resistance performance, with very few materials and can recycle, can be on the same filling equipment processing a variety of specifications of the products, can be suitable for sterile filling/non aseptic filling/cold/hot/a variety of treatment process, from semi-automatic to fully automatic filling equipment for flexible to choose, Improve storage and transportation efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, significantly reduce packaging costs, etc.

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Bag in box packaging has been widely used in various fields of food, beverage and industry, and has become a rapidly growing packaging form in the market. Bag in box packaging is more convenient to save and transport products. The internal and external materials are made of environmental protection materials, and less materials are used to reduce the consumption of petroleum products.

Compared with traditional hard packaging, it saves about 35% of transportation and storage costs, 85% less waste than bottled packaging, and 55% less carbon dioxide emissions during transportation due to its light weight. The cost of packaging materials is lower than other packaging forms (such as PET bottles, glass bottles, plastic barrels, etc.).

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Bags in boxes use only one-fifth as much packaging material as hard containers.

Used box – in – bag packaging is easy to separate and recycle, fully recyclable.

The bag in the box can be completely folded before and after use, which greatly reduces the packaging, storage and transportation costs, and reduces the energy consumption.

Most of the bags in the box are disposable, avoiding the impact and damage of chemical disinfection and cleaning on the environment.


Post time: Dec-13-2021