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More and more our customers start to use cheertainer to fill liquid products.

Then, what is a cheertainer?

Its is a new packaging container that combines the flexibility of a Bag in Box and the improved advantages of rigid or semi-rigid packaging products, which makes cheeratainer the perfect alternative to all of these options. It is comprised of a cube-shaped, multi-layer plastic bag, a cap or valve and a carton box.

Its cube-shaped structure gives it enormous stability and maximum emptying capacity. It has two layers: Outer layer: (polyamide + polyethylene) protects from oxygen and moisture; its density and composition varies depending on the needs of the client. The combination of both layers gives the container a flexible but reinforced structure.

When full, with its carton box, it is perfectly stackable, forming a stable, safe pallet. When empty, its components can be transported and stored folded, thus considerably reducing the necessary space. This reduction leads to economic savings.

Cheertainer can be used for all types of liquid and semi-liquid products for industrial and domestic consumption. Its main sectors for which it is intended are:

• Chemicals and Agrochemicals (lubricants, paints, adhesives, inks, farming, livestock, water treatment, liquid fuels, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics). • Detergents • Lubricants • Food and beverages (Japan sake, vinegar, seasonings, purées, sauces, bases for beverages, coffee, oil, juice and dairy products).

Cheertainers are helping customer to reduce cost.

l 60% reduction in warehousing costs

l 20% Reduction in energy costs

l 50% Reduction in transport costs

l 90% Reduction in recycling costs

The carton box of cheertainer has its advantages:

  • The carton box is 100% recyclable.
  • Large, fully customisable surface area for graphic communication.
  • Totally optimised stacking and palletising, which reduces logistics costs.
  • Different sizes and fully customised design to satisfy the needs of each client or product.

Post time: Sep-06-2020