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Top 5 Creative Ways To Ship Your Wine Products

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An increasing number of customers are choosing to purchase wine products online, which are then delivered directly to their doors. Meanwhile, your wine packaging has to be adapted to this new trend, and in this article, Kaiguan Packaging are sharing five innovative ways to ship wine products.

Why is wine packaging important?
Wine packaging has become more critical than ever with more wine suppliers moving to the world of online shopping. A right packaging can open up new opportunities in the online space, delight consumers and create an unforgettable unboxing experience, as well as make your business get products direct to the customers in the most efficient way, while also guaranteeing that they arrive in pristine condition.

5 Ways to package wine products

1. Cuboid insert wine packaging
This two-piece wine packaging solution provides ultimate protection as well as large surface area for branding opportunities. A single wine bottle can be perfectly held in place using 100% paper-based packaging.

2. Bag in box wine packaging
Bag in box packaging for wine products can better replace traditional bottles and achieve ultimate sustainability and unique experience. Your wine products can be shipped efficiently with a minimal amount of plastic, maximized parcel space, and minimal voids.

3. Pop-up insert wine packaging
Pop-up insert wine packaging is the perfect option to pack multiple bottles quickly and easily. Fast manual packing and open design allow the bottle and label to be displayed while providing product protection.

4. Heavy-duty wine packaging
Featuring multiple components for flexible usage and fully customizing for your unique bottles during the packing process, this wine packaging delivers extra protection for one to six wine bottles and can reduce the risk of damage to zero during transit.

5. Roller bottle wine packaging
This unique type of wine packaging will surprise and delight customers, creating a memorable unboxing experience.

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