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Important things you need to know about the production of aluminum foil bags

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A bib aluminum foil bag has metallic luster, excellent light-avoidance, and high reflectivity to heat and light, which can improve the brightness of printed colors; it has good isolation and strong protection, and is impervious to gas and water vapor, which can avoid moisture absorption and vaporization of the contents and cause the contents to not be affected by bacteria and insects. It’s easy to be processed, so printing, differential color, embossing, surface coating, gluing and painting can be made to it.

The production process of an aluminum foil bag is simple but tedious. The overall production process is as follows: aluminum ingot melting - casting and cold rolling - intermediate annealing - cold rolling - aluminum foil stock - rough rolling - intermediate rolling - fine rolling (double-rolled) slitting - annealing of finished aluminum foil - lamination - bag-making - finished product - packaging. Bag in a box manufacturers that produce aluminum foil bags usually choose to purchase aluminum foil film directly and then laminate the materials to make bags, so as to save cost and time.

A basic principle shall be followed when producing aluminum foil bags for food: the aluminum foil bag should not be too thick. It is divided into two types from the appearance: transparent and opaque. The food inside a transparent bag can be seen from the outside, while the food inside an opaque bag cannot be seen from the outside. Therefore, appropriate thickness should be maintained during the production process, that is, the aluminum foil bag should not be too thick or too thin.
Too thin bags can not play a protective effect, and will easily be damaged in case of external tears. In addition, if the food with oil is wrapped inside too thin bags, the oil stains will penetrate to the outside, which affects food quality. And too thin food aluminum foil bags are greatly affected by the environment, and are easy to decompose under the sun exposure and rainwater immersion, so the thickness should be strictly controlled.

Too thick bags also have many disadvantages. Too thick bags are more likely to shorten the shelf life of food, and further cause the actual shelf life to not match with food quality. Too thick Bib aluminum foil bags are very harmful to the environment, and will not decay and dissipate after discarded outside for many years. What’s worse, it’s relatively difficult to seal too thick aluminum foil bags, and they have poor sealing effect and are easy to crack.

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