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Important details you must know before buying a liquid packaging bag

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Liquid bags have earned wide recognition from customers and have been especially applied to the packaging of milk products, beer and other drinks, because they have strong barrier property and excellent flavor holding ability, are portable, airtight, and impermeable to moisture, taste and solvents, and does not produce extrusion or impact in the process of transportation and collection. Given different contents to be contained, materials of liquid packaging bags should meet various performance requirements. General requirements include preventing oxidation and deterioration, good barrier, good mechanical strength, high burst strength, and good heat sealing, etc. Some other products may have special requirements, such as resistance to oil, spicy oil or chemicals.

Before buying a liquid pouch bag, you should know some key details, to find the right and best packaging bag.

1. PE film should not be used as inner layer material for liquids containing vegetable oil
Despite PE preservation film has excellent breathability, PE film will quickly penetrate, swell and change color after contacting vegetable oil. For example, if PE film is used as the packaging material of food containing vegetable oil, the shelf life of food will be shortened, and your health will be affected.
2. Coextruded PE film with at least five layers of co-extrusion should be used for dairy product packaging
The most popular coextruded PE plastic film liquid packaging bags include milk packaging, dairy packaging, soy sauce, and vinegar packaging, etc. However, if a three-layer co-extruded plastic film is used, the shelf life indicated on the package can rarely be reached due to the lack of barrier layer. Therefore, it is safer to use co-extruded film with five or more layers containing barrier materials, to ensure the beverage health and safety.
3. Vacuum aluminum film cannot replace metal foil in plastic flexible packaging
Metal calendered aluminum foil has shiny metallic luster, excellent shading, and reflectivity of 95%, is non-toxic and tasteless, and stable at high and low temperature, and does not shrink or deform. Thanks to its good barrier property, it can better resist air, oxygen, moisture and fragrance, and it is an excellent choice for the middle layer of high-grade packaging substrate. But aluminum film achieves its air and oxygen barrier properties mainly based on the substrate film itself, rather than aluminum layer, which only plays a decorative role. So its barrier performance is inferior to calendered aluminum foil. Vacuum aluminum film made with the above-mentioned substrate can not be used as vacuum packaging material of liquid pouch bags.
Since you have read the above details, you must know more about liquid packaging bags. Select a liquid packaging bag that suits you best according to different characteristics of different products!

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