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How To Open Your Bag-in-box

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Having heard that many of you may find it difficult to open a bag-in-box, especially to find the tap and put it in the correct position, Kaiguan Packaging offers several methods to open a BIB box to help you open the BIB box quickly and correctly. Different types of bags in box may have different methods to open, so let’s take a look at the specific methods.

In a gravity-dispense bag in box packaging, the cap is removed from the package and a valve is attached to the spout. The package is usually hung in a rack that points the valve downward. Gravity then forces the product to flow when the valve is opened.

The vast majority of taps in the bag-in-box industry belong to the button type. In this kind of packaging, the valve will be closed once you release hold of the tap, so that you take out the product inside the container in a more accurate and quantitative way.

This type of bag in box packaging is more suitable for the products with a larger amount is to taken out every single time, thus freeing your hands and taking out the products fast.

In a pouch BIB box, the products are poured into other containers by cutting through the bag.

The pump-out bag-in-box has the orifice typically in the form of an adapter-like device that connects to the hose and pump. The pump will extract the product from the bag to the designated area. The pump can be fully automatic in the form of a CO2 pump or manually operated.

In a dump type bag-in-box, the contents are taken out by directly dumping from the package. Most orifices are a combination of simple base and the upper lid.

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