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CHEERTAINER: Reinventing Secure Transportation with the Reinforced Vacuum Bag

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Introducing Cheertainer, a revolutionary flexible packaging solution designed for the safe transportation of products classified as dangerous or possessing high added value. Unlike traditional packaging, Cheertainer is a soft, cube-shaped container made from reinforced plastic, seamlessly fitting into a box (BIB) for convenient transport, storage, and utilization. This innovative design allows for the natural utilization of the entire volume contained within the pouch.

Versatile Filling Solutions

TECHNIBAG offers a range of semi-automatic and automatic filling machines specifically designed to fill Cheertainer bags at a rapid pace, ensuring efficiency and precision in your operations.
Applications Across Industries
Cheertainer finds its niche in various industries, proving particularly suitable for ADR products, dangerous Class 2 and 3 substances, and liquids with high added value that demand optimal protection. While it excels in meeting the stringent requirements of the chemical industry, Cheertainer also offers compelling solutions for the food processing sector.

Key Advantages

1. Safety First: The Cheertainer boasts notable stability and resistance due to its reinforced plastic structure, making it the ideal choice for products classified as dangerous. It can also be UN-certified, providing an added layer of assurance for the transportation of high-value goods.

2. Economical Excellence: Beyond its safety features, Cheertainer brings economic benefits by reducing energy consumption and offering cost savings in storage and transport. With the ability to accommodate twice as many Cheertainer units on a pallet compared to traditional packaging, it optimizes logistical efficiency.

3. Hermetic Protection: The combination of the protective box shielding from light and the Cheertainer itself safeguarding contents from oxygen, humidity, and alterations ensures the integrity of your products throughout the supply chain.

4. Ecological Innovation: Cheertainer takes a significant step towards environmental sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint in comparison to equivalent rigid packaging. Embrace a more eco-friendly approach without compromising on performance.
In conclusion, Cheertainer stands as a testament to innovation in flexible packaging, offering a secure, economical, and environmentally conscious solution for the transportation of a diverse range of products. Elevate your packaging strategy with Cheertainer and experience a new era of safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

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