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Bag-in-box packaging offers a sustainable solution while aluminum becomes less available

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With aluminum continuing to be less available to breweries, many have had to find ways to get more creative with their packaging methods. And bag in box packaging has always been a perfect solution.

Shifting consumer behaviors have been widely reported with the outbreak of Covid-19. One example of the obvious consumer behavior changes is that people can’t go to bars or restaurants, so they buy beverages to drink at home, such as soda and coffee. But some of the consequences of these changes are not so obvious. For example, we are currently experiencing the shortage of aluminum.

“The big game right now is just figuring out how to get our hands on as many cans as we can,” says David Racino, CEO of American Canning. On February 2, 2021, the Brewers Association (BA) representing craft brewers sent an open letter to can manufacturers and the Can Manufacturers Institute requesting swift access to more aluminum. Bob Pease, BA president and CEO, writes, “In the first quarter, some brewers found that their purchase orders had been canceled. Others are told that they won’t be able to get cans until the second quarter of 2021.”

As aluminum shortages persist, the soda fountain business has disappeared, even though beer accounts for a large portion of aluminum consumption. So the big soda company has also switched many of their products to cans, which has put a lot of pressure on the supply chain.

“When these companies like Coca-Cola can’t get their cans, it makes it even more difficult for other smaller companies.”

Beer professor Neil Reid says, “This shortage has been going on for a long time, but it was exacerbated by COVID-19.” A blogger shared his expertise in a Daily Record interview, “Soft drinks and cold coffees used to be canned.”

Bag-in-box is a convenient packaging solution that is both sustainable and easy to transport.

Switching from aluminum to bags in box can reduce greenhouse gases by 79% and generate half of post-consumer waste. Bag in box packaging also provides a built-in shipping solution that uses e-commerce platforms to send products effortlessly and with objective benefits.

Post time: Jun-17-2022

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