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4 Major Advantages of Bag-in-box Packaging

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The bag in box concept was developed in 1955 and first took off as packaging for wine. And the variety of bag in box fillings is now much more extensive and includes a wide range of beverages and foods. Bag-in-box packaging is also suitable for storing and transporting dangerous goods such as chemicals. Compared to other kinds of packaging bags, bag in box packaging has many advantages. Here are four major advantages of bag-in-box.

1. Bib bag is robust. Traditional plastic bags are thin and easy to break to save money. The emergence of bib bags can solve the problem because they have strong resistance and are not easy to wear. Moreover, laminated bibs are not only robust, but also waterproof, comfortable and beautiful in appearance. Though the cost of a single bib bag is higher than that of a plastic bag, one bib bag is equivalent to hundreds or even thousands of of plastic bags.

2. Bag in box packaging has more publicity advertising effect. Instead of only being a bag of product packaging, it has exquisite and lovable appearance, which can be transformed into a fashionable bag and beautiful scenery on the street. In addition, its waterproof and non-stick characteristics allow itself to become the first choice of customers when going out. You can print you company’s logo or advertisement on such a bib bag, so it will bring obvious advertising effect and turn small investment into big return.

3. Bib bag in box is better for the environment. The ban on free plastic bags has been issued to deal with environmental issues. The repeated use of bag in box packaging greatly reduces the pressure of waste transformation. Therefore, this eco-friendly bib bag can better display your company’s image and bring the potential value that money can never replace.

4. Bib bags are more economic. Since the initial release of the ban on free plastic bags, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market and will be replaced by bags in box that can be used repeatedly. Compared with plastic bags, bib bags are easier to print patterns and express more vivid colors. In addition, it can be used repeatedly. You can consider adding more exquisite patterns and advertisements to bib bags than plastic bags, because bib bags are more cost-effective due to lower loss rate of repeated use and can bring more obvious advertising benefits.

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