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1000l Liquid Ibc Intermediate Bulk Container Tank With Liner Bag

Short Description:

●Can be used with both plastic returnable and disposable corrugated totes.

●Easy to fill liner can be used with either top or bottom fill applications.

●There are no folds or pockets that can trap residual product during emptying process.

●A wide variety of films, fitments and fitment placements are available to ensure that you have the perfect bag for your specific application.

●Designed to accommodate high-speed fills. Features auto unfold which minimizes bag handling during filling.

Product Detail

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More sustainable and hygienic packaging for bulk delivery of your liquids.


Multilayer Design
Top Filling
Top or Bottom Discharge

80% less storage space required
No Disposal Fees
No Return Freight
No Cleaning Costs

Low Cost
Low Residue
Environmentally Friendly
Less Carbon Foot Print than standard IBC’s

IBC liner bag IBC pe liner 1000l 50l-93

●Airtight filling eliminates possible contamination problems
●No pre-cleaning needed as the bags are supplied flat
●No air ingress eliminates skinning and aids easy pump discharge

More sustainable
●Eliminates expensive and problem-causing waste cleaning
●Space efficient for disposal as fold-down containers can be stacked six per pallet when empty

Optimized for transport and storage
●1000L containers can be stacked up to five levels when full

Longer shelf life
●No contact with air even after opening as the bag collapses allowing partial usage and longer opened shelf life

IBC liner bag IBC pe liner 1000l 50l-2


Out layer:PE40/PA15/PE40

Inner layer:PE50+PE50


Out layer:PE40/PA15/PE40

Inner layer:PE50+PE50

IBC liner bag IBC pe liner 1000l 50l-43
IBC liner bag IBC pe liner 1000l 50l-33


Out layer:PE40/PA15/PE40

Inner layer:PE60+PE60


Out layer:PE40/PA15/PE40

Inner layer:PE100+PE100

IBC liner bag IBC pe liner 1000l 50l-53

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