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collaspsible bladder storage water

Short Description:

●Portable Water Storage Bladder Food Grade Odorless Great Taste

● LDPE plastic made with highest quality Japan raw material.

● Environmentally friendly non-toxic


● No plastic PVC odor

● Water taste will not be affected

● Transparent.


Various Capacity Options: 5L 10L 20L.

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Collapsible Water Container Solutions

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Outdoor, Emergency & Daily Use:

Collapsible water container, suitable for outdoor activities, like backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, can help you to store all the water your family needs quickly and safely during in the event of an emergency or natural disaster like hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood or drought. Also great for daily use, such as automobile emergency water & Hand-washing stations at events and festivals. Transport large amounts of water easily.

BPA Free Collapsible Water Container (with Spigot)-11
BPA Free Collapsible Water Container (with Spigot)-12

Leakproof Spigot: Unique faucet design, easy on/off designed spigot, Prevent leaking for carrying water, no fuss for water scattering everywhere, you can quickly control the water flow, easy to use.



☑ Collapsible, Portable, Light, Compact & Reusable Foldable Design.

☑ Remains soft and flexible even when cold yet retains shape.

☑ Easy to fill, dry, drain and reuse.

☑ Soft molded handles make holding and transport easy.

☑ Foldable to be saved and lightweight to be hold in your backpack or in your car.

BPA Free Collapsible Water Container (with Spigot) -1

Water storage bags are essential for daily life and emergency situations. If the water infrastructure in your city suddenly stops functioning, how will you drink or clean it?

If there is a hurricane, tornado, flood, fire, drought, earthquake, what will you use to store water to meet your water needs?

Our foldable water storage container will provide you with the most important emergency preparation for your life-saving equipment!

Our container with a handle is a high-quality LDPE material, BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene and non-toxic reusable plastic containers.

The foldable water bag is a foldable, light, portable, durable, reusable water storage bag, suitable for any place, easy to install and use.


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