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Cheertainer Bag In Box For Soy Sauce ,Vinegar And Seasonings


Bag-in-Box is an efficient and sustainable packaging solution when it comes to detergents The Bag-in-Box is an efficient and environmentally friendly packaging solution for soy sauce ,vinegar and seasonings. Composed of 75% corrugated box and only 25% of plastics, it offers a reduction of plastics used up to 70% compared to the traditional HDPE bottles.



What is Bag-in-Box?

Cheertainer bag in box
This patented stereo bag concept combines the flexibility of a traditional bag in a box with the benefits of rigid or semi-rigid containers, thus making it the perfect alternative to traditional packaging. It is not an ordinary pillow bag, it is the only soft packaging box bag solution on the market that the inner bag can fit perfectly with the outer carton. With the outer box in the form of a cube, it means there is no dead corner.

Bag-in-Box is a single use packaging solution ideal for preserving the content inside the bag. It consists of three elements:
A. A strong bladder or plastic bag, seated inside a box.
B. A box usually made of corrugated cardboard preventing light from penetrating in.
C. An air-tight dispenser or tap consisting.

Cheertainer Bag In Box 0003

Cheertainer Bag In Box

Cheertainer bag in box for soy sauce ,vinegar and seasonings

Stand out in crowded retail aisles with bag-in-box packaging for soy sauce ,vinegar and seasonings products. With easy-to-ship, easy-to-dispense solutions, compact by design, and easy-to-use for people of all ages and abilities. Plus, with the billboard sides intrinsic to bag-in-box, your brand will stand out on store shelves.

On-tap dispensing with ergonomic fitments eliminate glugging and spills.
Offer product in concentrate for efficient refilling of rigid containers.
Improved evacuation to maximize profits and minimize waste.
Unique fitments that keep you, your product, and your end-users safe.
Easy storage with a smaller package footprint.
Reduce your carbon emissions due to packaging by up to 67%.

soy sauce ,vinegar and seasonings with our closed-loop systems that minimize glugging and dispense nearly every drop inside so nothing is wasted. Our bag-in-box products are ideal for institutional settings such as restaurants and hotels.

Condiments Applications

The soy sauce Cheertainer Bag In Box 13

Other Advantages

Noticeably, the advantages of Bag-in-Box are its weight, cost, size, and environment friendliness.
Bag-in-Box is light. For a 5 litre Bag-in-Box, it weighs 5 kg. For an equivalent 5 litre of glass bottles, it is a whopping 9.2 kg.
In addition, the Bag-in-Box substantially cuts transport costs and optimises storage space. First, because it is shipped to our customers in flat. Secondly, even when filled, its rectangular form allows 65% more of products shipped in a truck compared to the traditional plastic bottle. Therefore, the Bag-in-Box significantly minimises the carbon footprint impact.
With the increasing popularity of refill stations, the Bag-in-Box is on demand to meet this new trend, and proves to be the convenient packaging choice for consumers.

cheertainer bag in box for detergent 10
cheertainer bag in box for detergent 11

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