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Strong material environmental vertical bag in box (cheertainer) for detergent

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Form-fit bag in box (cheertainer) for detergent is a new container that combines the flexibility of a Bag in Box and the improved advantages of rigid or semi-rigid containers, which makes it the perfect alternative to all of these options. It is comprised of a cube-shaped, multi-layer plastic bag, a tap, a cap or valve and a cardboard box.

Form-fit bag in box (cheertainer) for detergent is made of multilayer plastic. The outer layer (polyamide + polyethylene) protects from oxygen and moisture; its density and composition may vary depending on the needs of the client or the product. The inner layer (polyethylene) is elastic and resistant to tearing.

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Including HCIO hypochlorous acid water, our bag in box is also used for other liquid and viscous liquids.


And can be used for food and beverage items, such as purees, sauces, vinegar, Japanese sake, dairy, juice, wine, beer, etc.



It can house fertilizer liquid, including adhesives, agricultural, fertilizer liquids, inks, lubricants, paints, coatings, petroleum, fertilizer liquid, diluent, sanitizer, alcohol, hypochlorous acid disinfectant, diluent, ultrasound gel, hematology reagent etc.


Cosmetics and personal care items, such as cleansers, shampoo, liquid soap, conditioner, lotions work very well in cheertainer form-fit bags.

Capacity Item H.S.Code Vavle Dimeter Raw Material Net weight Product Dimention
5L Vertical bag in box 39232900 φ32mm Inner layer PA;Outer layer PA+PE. 68g 200*390*180mm
10L Vertical bag in box 39232900 φ32mm Inner layer PA;Outer layer PA+PE. 82g 250*470*230mm
18L Vertical bag in box 39232900 φ32mm Inner layer PA;Outer layer PA+PE. 118g 290*540*270mm
20L Vertical bag in box 39232900 φ32mm Inner layer PA;Outer layer PA+PE. 134g 300*570*300mm


Lightweight and easy to handle, best choice for filling sake.
☑ The product is protected from the light and air, which allows it to conserve all its properties until it has been used up completely.
 The output flow is regular and constant, with no air bubbles or splashing.
 Its seamless design allows 99% of the liquid to be emptied.
 The bag remains completely immobile inside the box, thereby preventing the cap from moving during transport.
☑ Considerable reduction in the consumption of plastic in comparison to rigid containers.
☑ Reduction in the packaging volume, both when empty and when full.
☑ Considerable savings in space and logistic and environmental costs.
☑ Technical support and customized design.
☑ Carton box allows large surface area for graphic communication.

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Form-fit vertical bag in box is not your typical bag-in-box. It provides customers a package design that outperforms pillow construction in dispense and use. Developed to form the shape of a box, the patented Cheertainer is unique in its design and construction. Manufactured with side gussets that “form-fit” to the container, the Cheertainer allows for a free flowing complete dispense.

Cheertainer Bag-In-Box Solutions

If you are looking for a specific product and cannot immediately find it on our website, please feel free to get in touch with us. After all, our product range is always indicative, never exhaustive.Welcome to contact us!E-mail:lisa@cncheertainer.com

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It has large variety of stoppers, closures and valves. Most customers usually choose faucet for vinegar and soy sauce.

Our box is custom designed. As it is made of cardboard, all the sides can be printed, which gives a large communication and advertising surface area.

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