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Why do bags in box substitute plastic bins?

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Plastic bin is an outdated form of packaging and bag in box packaging has become the sustainable development trend. Plastic bins are currently used widely in the packaging industry for many commodities. Most bins have a volume of 1 or 5 gallons and are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a kind of rigid plastic, only 30% of which is recyclable, said the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Plastic bins have been used as a packaging and storage solution for decades, and continue to use in the same outdated form. Bag in box offers a better solution and is more efficient than plastic bins, thus creating fewer adverse effects.
With innovation as the core, Changzhou Kaiguan Packaging & Technology Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to continuously develop brand new, better and more efficient and sustainable packaging solutions that help customers switch from plastic bin to bag in box, achieve environmental goals, and reduce wastes and unnecessary expenditures.

Breaking the Habit
Kaiguan keeps advancing. It has been constantly striving to make products better for consumers, and environmentally friendly. Plastic bins used to be a packaging method to meet growing demands for storage and distribution, but an increasing number of companies are focusing on finding sustainable packaging materials (for example, bag in box packaging) to replace the outdated plastic bins. Those companies that still use plastic bins feel it convenient to use them. Plastic bins are difficult to manufacture, and most companies that use bins to store their products have to outsource manufacturing operations to larger plastics companies.

Reduced resources throughout the supply chain
Despite the fact that the EPA reports that it takes less time to recycle HDPE products, it’s easy to simply assume that plastic bin is an environmentally friendly packaging solution. But people ignore that plastic bins are like glass, and it’s an extremely labor-intensive task to produce them, which consumes a lot of valuable resources.
BIB bag in box is a significantly more sustainable packaging solution, especially when you look at the entire supply chain. Compared to a 5-gallon plastic bin, a bag in box can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 52% and energy consumption by 81%. 99% of products contained in bags in box packaging can be used, which means that almost all of the product in the bag can be used. But when using a plastic bin, you have to scrape the residue and it is difficult to get all of the product out of the bin.
Building flexible solutions
If you’ve ever lifted a 5-gallon plastic bin, you must know how heavy it is. Most plastic bins come in two sizes: 1 or 5 gallons. If a customer doesn’t need a 5-gallon packaging solution, the project will get into scrapes because the most of the packaging is 5-gallon bin. Bag in box packaging solutions can be designed to fit the needs of any size, and BIB filling machines can produce bags in box in different sizes or volumes.
In conclusion, Kaiguan offers a complete BIB solution to fit your needs and works with you to find the best BIB packaging. Bags in box packaging produced by Kaiguan are applied to a variety of industries. Through continuous communication with customers, Kaiguan provides them with the best BIB solution and select different designs of orifices, films and sizes to meet their actual needs.

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