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What packaging does Adblue come in? Adblue has several common packaging specifications

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AdBlue is a necessity for diesel vehicles to deal with exhaust gas. It has become a very familiar product to truck friends in their daily sports car life. Today, I would like to share with you some common packaging specifications of AdBlue.


In soft plastic drum of less than 10 kg


Under 10 kg AdBlue package

AdBlue packaging of less than 10 kg is relatively rare in China, the main reason is that domestic passenger cars are mainly gasoline, diesel engines are relatively few, car urea packaging of less than 10 kg is commonly used in some passenger cars


10kg plastic soft drum


10 kg AdBlue package

10 kg AdBlue packaging is more common, this 10 kg plastic soft barrel in the material is also divided into PE material and PET material, relatively speaking, PET material barrels in the packaging cost is slightly lower.


20kg plastic soft drum


20 kg AdBlue package

The 20kg AdBlue package is also common. Like the 10kg package, it is also divided into PE material and PET material barrels.


Packed in 20kg boxes and bags

cheertainer bag in box-10

20kg AdBlue box in bag

The bag in 20 kg AdBlue box has been exported frequently in the market recently. This kind of packaging uses urea liquid for vehicles, which is packaged in plastic bags, and then uses the box like storage box as the outer packaging. The outer packaging of this liquid bag for urea for vehicles can be recycled and reused, and the white pollution is less than that of plastic barrels.

More than 20 kg of packing car urea barrel filling is less, the main reason is ① inconvenient filling and ② urea tank capacity limitation. More than 20 kilograms of packaging transport is more troublesome, filling is more heavy, in addition to the capacity of urea tanks for vehicles from more than ten liters to dozens of liters, for more than ten liters of urea tanks there is no need to buy dozens of liters of urea liquid.

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