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What is the shelf life of the bag in the box?

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Because storage and distribution of simple products in boxes and bags is the solution. These prepackaged sterile bags are placed in cardboard boxes that you place in the beverage machine. The pouch in the box is 10L in size and comes with a variety of rationing options including dairy hose, bent plug, etc. Of course, our aseptic packaging also allows you to store these products safely for up to 6 months without refrigeration.We usually use the box bag can be divided into two parts to think about its manufacture, one is the cost of the original material, the other is the processing cost of the cloth bag. Now, in the city can buy the non-woven fabric specifications are very many, and the cost is not the same. Spunbag in spunbag box: it is used to spray high pressure micro water to one or more layers of fiber net, so that the fibers are entangled together, so that the fiber net can be strengthened and has a certain strength. Bag in hot box: it refers to the reinforcement data of fiber or powdery hot fusion bonding in the fiber net, and then the fiber net is reinforced into cloth by heating and melting cooling. We divide the bag in the box to environmental protection goods, because it is characterized by plastic products do not have environmental protection function. Its natural degradation time is far less than plastic bags, therefore, the selection of non-woven bags in boxes has been recognized as economical and affordable environmental protection shopping bags.Although the manufacture of box bag is simple and low cost, it is much higher than the usual plastic bag, but it is also more popular with customers.The difference between non-woven bag and general non-woven cloth is that its surface is covered with a layer of PP film, the color of the printing is first printed on the PP film after heating the film and non-woven bonded together, non-woven bag is characterized by printing a variety of colorful pictures, pixel level can achieve the role of photos.


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