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Two types of inner bags used for bags in boxes

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Box bag is a relatively new packaging form, box bag is made of multi-layer composite film made of flexible inner bag, sealed valve and outer packaging paper box. The composite inner bag is used to pack the contents, while the outer box is used for external protection and transportation.

Bag in box has many advantages such as light weight, low production cost, low storage and transportation cost, health and environmental protection, it is a good choice to replace the traditional rigid packaging methods such as iron bucket and plastic bucket.

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Composite inner bag usually has two kinds: transparent plastic film, opaque material.

An inner bag for a bag in a box comprises a sealing oil bag and a filling port arranged on the oil bag, and a sealing device arranged on the filling port; The oil bag comprises an outer bag and an inner bag, the inner bag is made of PE material, the outer bag is made of nylon and PE composite. The inner bag of the utility model consists of two layers of inner bag and outer bag, which enhances the flexibility and thickness of the inner bag and has simple and reasonable structure.

The other inner bag is usually an opaque flexible packaging bag whose single side is made up of two layers of uncomposite material. The outer layer is a composite film and the inner layer is a single layer of PE. The outer composite materials are usually PET/AL/PE, NY/EVOH/PE, PET/VMPET/PE and so on.

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The choice of this special structure is mainly due to the packaging content for liquid fluidity, – Dan a layer of material damage, but also can have the second layer of protection, and two layers of material protection can slow down the liquid flow of the packaging material impact in the process of transportation, play a very good protection role.

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