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Although liquid flexible packaging entered China in the 1970s, it had not been widely used by Chinese consumers and related industries. But in Europe, liquid flexible packaging has become very popular. Personal judgement, this may have something to do with the culture and thinking habits of the older generation of Chinese. In that era, the entry of new things into people’s ideas and concepts would have relatively greater resistance. (Rebuttals are welcome)

From a humanistic perspective: With the change (alternation) of the age structure of the mainstream Chinese population, people born after 80 years have become the mainstream social force. This group of people generally accepted relatively higher education, and more information exchange channels have made young people’s consumption concepts and usage habits closer and closer to those of the West. This also makes the liquid flexible packaging industry’s potential market base in China rapidly increase.

Analysis from the perspective of hardware: With decades of accumulation and precipitation, industry-related industrial chains (from raw materials to equipment including related supporting filling equipment and other supporting hardware) have gradually formed. This will also become the basis for the large-scale development of the industry in the future.

Convenient, environmentally friendly, beautiful, new design and cost reduction, which are the characteristic and advantage of liquid flexible packaging that is different from traditional plastic barrel packaging. Therefore, in China in the future, flexible packaging products will be accepted by more and more traditional industries and will occupy more and more market shares.

We are now introduce our new design bag in box-vertical bag in box. It is form-fit, cube shaped and environmental. Vertical bag in box has been widely used in food, chemical and industrial application. We provide specifications from 3 liter to 25 liter. Good ideas and customized products are welcome. We expect joint development with customers.

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Post time: Feb-24-2021