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It is commonly known that poor sealing is a very serious quality problem for aluminum foil bags, which will not only affect the quality and use of the product, but also challenge the production technology of the manufacturer. Poor sealing mainly includes incomplete heat sealing, brittle sealing, and warping bag after heat sealing.

1. Incomplete heat sealing. It will result in leakage or deterioration of the products that are packaged in the Bib aluminum foil bag.
Reason: This is mainly due to the poor anti-pollution heat sealing property of the composite film when produced.
Solution: Adopt the film with good anti-pollution heat sealing property, such as LDPE film.

2. Brittle or even broken sealing.
Reason: In fact, excessive heat sealing temperature, too large heat sealing pressure, too long heat sealing time, and the adhesive penetrating into the film in the process of compounding and curing, resulting in decreased toughness and increased brittleness can cause the finished product to have brittle or broken sealing.
Solution: Adjust the heat sealing temperature and processing temperature according to the heat sealing characteristics of the material, protect the state of the heat sealing equipment, and pay attention to the penetration of adhesives in the process of compounding and curing.

3. Warping bag after heat sealing.
Reason: This problem is mainly caused by uneven thickness of the composite film, too high heat sealing temperature or too long heat sealing time, insufficient cooling after heat sealing, not enough curing time, or poor heat resistance of the film substrate.
Solution: Choose film substrate with good heat resistance to produce Bib aluminum foil bag, control the temperature and duration of heat sealing according to the material performance of the selected material, and adjust the tension of the floating roller before heat sealing to ensure adequate maturation and cooling.

Post time: May-27-2022