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How long can bag in box wine be stored?

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There are now many Bag-in-Boxes on the market for wine installation (BiB for short). This is a significant advantage over bottled wine, as bottled wine has a relatively short shelf life after opening, while big in box wine can last longer and is easier to carry and store, making it a more convenient and easy-to-drink wine product. At Bib Packaging Companies china, we are currently producing such products.

Generally, bag in box BiB wines will have a statement somewhere on the box about how long they can be kept. Some producers say that their wines will last up to six weeks after opening, but in comparison, many bottled wines have a shelf life of only a few days, although fortified wines (such as port) will have a longer shelf life. Once the wine has been opened, oxygen reacts with the wine and affects its flavor. This happens more slowly in wines produced in BiB packing factories.

However, the big in box format is not suitable for aging fine wines, as the plastic used is permeable and can cause the wine to oxidize over time.

Why does using a bag in box wine last longer than an open bottle? James Button, Italy editor of Decanter magazine, says: "The use of big in box wine packaging with corks and plastic bags helps prevent oxygen from entering, allowing the wine to remain fresh for weeks after opening. However, plastic is permeable at a microscopic level, which explains why BiB wines still have an expiration date and the wine oxidizes within a few months."

He adds, "Regardless of how long the shelf life is indicated on the packaging of these BiB (big in box) wines, I still recommend keeping them for a maximum of three weeks to four weeks. It's best to keep these BiB wines in the refrigerator, even if they are red wines. Most BiB (big in box) wines are less complex, lighter and easier to drink, and are best kept slightly refrigerated."

The carbon footprint of using big in box wines during shipping is less compared to bottled wines. St. John's Wine Company also recently commented on the use of bag in box on its Instagram page: "It's an eco-friendly wine, and lower shipping costs mean we can pass on better wine - in other words, you get better wine for a dollar! wine." This comment gave us even more motivation for our bag in box manufacture.

This Cheertainer format solves some of the ecological, financial and quality problems of wine, although it makes them less visually appealing than traditional bottles and less suitable for aging wine. But it is a new direction of wine development. For Changzhou Kaiguan Packaging & Technology Co., Ltd we are looking forward to contributing to the industry of Bag In Box Supplier.

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