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Cheertainer box in bag BIB packaging, more suitable for home choice of packaging drinking water

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Cheertainer bag in box,  or BIB packaging for short. It was created in Australia in 1965 and was first used in the wine industry, but has now expanded to include other product categories such as juices, soft drinks, oils and sauces. Compared with boxed water and aluminum can water, BIB packaging is a more mature and stable way of packaging. Because of its safety, sanitation, flexibility and convenience, it has become a frequent customer in many western countries.

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With the increasing sales of bottled water, more families looking for a more convenient and environmentally friendly way to buy aquatic products will focus on BIB packaged water to meet the needs of a large number of people and long-term drinking.

The UK's premium mineral water brand has decided to launch a larger 10-litre Cheertainer bag in a box, claiming to "meet the needs of multi-generation families while working to protect the environment".

Box bag packaging is beneficial to the environment, convenient for consumers, and the product does not need to lift and dump, more convenient for the elderly and children to drink. The square packaging makes the box easy to place on the counter or refrigerator, and liquid can flow from the faucet designed on the side. Square packaging is also easier to ship, reducing trucking and carbon emissions.

In addition, according to bagged Water Home, BIB packaging itself is insulated from light and completely vacuum, so bacteria in the outside air can not enter the water, which eliminates the possibility of bacterial breeding and can make the fresh life of water longer.

"Cheertainer bags in boxes will never be the primary form of packaging for water in brick-and-mortar retail. "But in food service and e-commerce, it's growing so much that we see the potential for growth in those two channels."

The market volume of bagged water in boxes will continue to grow. Due to its small volume and large capacity, more brands will use it as a new solution to the family drinking water model.

In the upsurge of environmentally friendly packaging, for the pursuit of quality of life and health of the family, the water in the box bag to share a piece of the soup, is also easy to get.

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