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Bag-in-the-box packaging, referred to as BIB packaging, is the most successful packaging form in global innovation packaging in recent years. Because of its characteristics of safety, health, convenience and environmental protection, it has rapidly developed into the beverage packaging that consumers are most willing to choose in European and American markets.

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Bag in box  packaging

1. Bags in boxes use less packaging materials than hard containers only 1/5;

2, used box bag packaging is very easy to separate and recycle, completely recyclable;

3, the bag in the box can be completely folded before and after use, greatly reducing the packaging storage and transportation costs, reduce energy consumption;

4. Most of the bags in the box are disposable, avoiding the impact and damage of chemical disinfection and cleaning on the environment;

5. The maximum package can be up to 1400 liters, which means less packaging cost per unit capacity;

6, longer product storage life also reduces the waste caused by product deterioration;

7, reduce energy consumption and raw material use;

8, the box bag packaging weight is light, save space, can improve the transport efficiency of more than 20%, reduce fuel and energy consumption;

9, single transportation (relatively hard drum recycling does not need to recycle) to save transportation costs;

10, compared with the traditional packaging form can save up to 80% of raw material consumption;

Flexible and efficient filling machine to reduce energy costs and improve productivity.

Post time: Oct-28-2021