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Bag In A Box Plays A Vital Role In Healthy Family Drinking Water

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As is known to everyone, the more you drink water, the healthier you will be! Since the outbreak of COVID-19 across the whole world, much more attention has been focused on drinking water, an important part of daily life. The Beijing Packaging Drinking Water Industry Association issued an initiative letter, stating outright that during this special period, bottled water should be temporarily removed from shelves, so as to avoid cross infection due to repeated use of bottles.

While it’s important to drink more water, what’s more important is to drink clean and high-quality water, which is a must to ensure good health. In this very period, people from all sectors of society attach importance to the drinking water packaging, and bag in a box without recycling becomes popular!

Born in 1964 in Australia, the bag in box was used in space exploration as the astronauts drinking water packaging, and then has become popular in view of its safety, hygiene, flexibility, convenience and other advantages, and its applications have been expanded to other product categories, such as juice, soft drinks, edible oil and wine, etc.

1. Previous high-end application
BIB water liquid bag was previously used in aerospace as the astronauts’ living drinking water packaging, and has become daily necessities in many Western countries.

2. Quality packaging
Food-grade special composite film packaging and the inner layer of food-grade PE film enable it to preserve freshness for a long time; the outer layer of aluminum plastic film can isolate from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The packaging materials are recyclable, and will produce no white plastic pollution.

3. Single use
The single-use design of packaging avoids being repeatedly filled with water to breed bacteria and eliminates cross-infection potential problems from bottled water.

4. Completely sealed
The water remains completely sealed from the packaging to the water dispenser spout, without any contact with the air, thus solving the problem of secondary pollution of bottled water.

5. Fresh water
Thanks to its moderate capacity, good sealing, and long shelf life, bag in a box can ensure that the water is fresh and safe.

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