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Advantages of bag-in-box cheertainer

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The bag-in-box cubitainer is a one-time packaging, which has the advantages of convenient storage and transportation, low packaging cost, good anti-counterfeiting effect, avoiding secondary filling, and the packaging material can be recycled in the form of liquid packaging. Compared with traditional packaging forms such as glass bottles, PET bottles, plastic barrels, etc., it has a very obvious competitive advantage.

Compared with the traditional liquid packaging form, the use of bag-in-box cheertainer liquid packaging has the following advantages: long shelf life, good light and oxygen barrier properties, using less packaging materials, and can be recycled and reused. It can be filled on the same bag-in-box filling machine. Packing a variety of specifications of products, suitable for aseptic, non-aseptic, cold filling, hot filling and other processing processes, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, flexible packaging and filling machine for bag-in-box cheertainer, improving transportation and storage efficiency , reduce storage and transportation costs, significantly reduce packaging costs. Based on the huge advantages of bag-in-box cheertainer packaging, the bag-in-box cheertainer liquid flexible packaging filling machine has become a popular product in the liquid filling machine market.

The bag-in-box cheertainer has more environmental protection and public welfare value: the promulgation of the plastic restriction order is to deal with the question of environmental protection. The overturned use of the bag-in-box cheertainer greatly reduces the pressure of waste conversion. Therefore, the double name is environmental protection bag, and the concept of environmental protection can better express the image of your company and the effect of being close to the people. Then the potential value brought by it cannot be replaced by money.

The bag-in-box cubitainer is more economical: Since the release of the plastic restriction order, plastic bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market of items, and will be replaced by the reusable bag-in-box cubitainer. Compared with plastic bags, the bag-in-box cubitainer is simpler to print pictures, and the color expression is more obvious. In addition, it can be reused a little, and it is possible to consider adding more sophisticated pictures and advertisements to the bag-in-box cubitainer than plastic bags. Because the loss rate of reuse is lower than that of plastic bags, the bag-in-box is more cost-effective and brings more benefits. Significant advertising benefits.

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