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This equipment is used in the filling and capping of bag in box.

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This machine adopts 304 stainless steel rotor pump plus servo motor for material absorption and transportation, with stable operation and high filling efficiency.
Manually fix the bag mouth in the box on the filling bayonet, and the filling head automatically dives to fill.
After the filling is completed, the cover is manually placed on the cover belt, and the cover belt is brought to the underside of the capping head, and the cap cylinder is driven to the capping cap, and the capping cap is automatically moved to the bag mouth, and the cap is closed. The bag is screwed or capped to complete a filling and capping.
After the packaging is completed, the bag that is screwed is automatically punched out of the card pocket, and the bag is transported to the subsequent process with the conveyor belt.
This machine is an alternative to manual work. The machine is equipped with a touch screen, and the setting of the operating parameters are all set in the touch screen. Only the operation of the upper bag and the upper cover is required.
This machine is suitable for the filling and capping of food, daily chemical, washing, agrochemical and other products.



Machine Name Semi-automatic box-in-box single-head filling machine
Machine model CCG-1B
Applicable bag type Bag in box
Applicable bag mouth diameter Customized according to sample
capping speed Approximately 150 bags/hour (10L water is calculated for the medium, which is related to the manual placement speed)
Working voltage AC220V  Single phase  50Hz
Power 2.5kW
Machine Dimensions 1400mm×720mm×1700mm (length × width × height)
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